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Research Guides


  • References are cited in full on a separate page or slide - the last page/slide of the document/slideshow.
  • The word “References” is centered at the top of the page.
  • References are formatted using a “hanging indent” where all lines after the first are indented.
  • References are in alphabetical order by the first word in the entry.
  • Capitalization rules are followed!  The first word of the title is capitalized, but the rest of the words are NOT capitalized unless they are proper nouns or the first word in a subtitle (sentence case).  Periodical titles (journals, newspapers, magazines) are still in title case.
  • The author last name is first, followed by a comma and initials for the first and middle name.
    • Ex:  Amber Marie Hooper is: Hooper, A. M.
  • Sources are NOT numbered.
  • Italicize titles of longer works, like books and journals.