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Research Guides

Google Search Strategies

Exact match: "search" 

  • If you're looking for an exact phrase, use quotation marks.

  • For example: "let them eat cake"

Exclusion: -search 

  • Put a minus sign/hyphen in front of a word you want excluded from your search results.  This is helpful if your search term has multiple meanings
  • For example: inception -film

Site-specific: site: 

  • Put site: in front of a website or domain if you want to get results from only a specific site or domain.  
  • For example: recipes or climate change

Related: related:

  • Find sites with similar content to a URL you already know.
  • For example:

Search terms in the text: allintext: and/or intext:

  • Find sites where ALL search terms appear in the text.
  • For example: allintext:holidays hot bargain
  • Find sites where one search term appears in the text, and others appear elsewhere (e.g. title or URL).
  • For example: John Lennon intext:liverpool

Search terms in the title: allintitle: and/or intitle:

  • Find sites with titles containing ALL the search terms.
  • For example: allintitle:1950s youth culture
  • Find sites with a particular word in the title, but other search terms elsewhere.
  • For example: flu shot intitle:help

Search a particular filetype: filetype:  

  • Search for a specific filetype.
  • For Example: Annual Report filetype:pdf

**Use Google Advanced Search**

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