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Research Guides

Adding Student Collaborators

1.  Click the settings gear next to your library.  (When you hover, you'll see it.)

2.  Click "Collaborators" then "Add Collaborators."

4.  Click "Add individual collaborators."

5.  Type student collaborator email addresses.

7.  Click "Add."

Creating an Annotated Bibliography

  1. Click "Sources" tab in Scrible. 
  2. Click on each of your sources.  Click the quotation marks,  and write your annotation in the annotation field.
  3. After writing your annotation for each source, click the "Bibliography" tab. 
  4. Click the "Annotated Bibliography" box at the top. 
  5. Click the blue clipboard in the top left. 
  6. Paste into a Google Doc.
  7. Change font to Times New Roman.
  8. Bold all annotations.  

Uploading Pdfs