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Research Guides

Reading and Annotating Explained in Detail

1. Survey: FIRST time through (Quick Look)

  • Title?--What does it seem to be ABOUT?
  • Subheadings?--What do they tell you?
  • Bold/italicized terms?
  • Abstract? (paragraph that summarizes the article)
  • Does the article seem useful and trustworthy? (CRAAP test!)
    • If yes, print/save/add to Scrible/NoodleTools list
2. Skim: SECOND time through 
  • Read the first few sentences of the first few paragraphs.
    • What is the main thesis/argument? (What is the article about?)
      • Underline the thesis (should be one or two sentences)
      • Summarize it in your own words in the margin.
  • Continue reading the first sentence or two of the body paragraphs.
    • Broken underline/highlight the main point of each paragraph
    • Summarize it in your own words in the margin.  (What is it about?)
3. Read: THIRD time through 
  • Read through the entire article and look for more details.
  • Broken underline/highlight supporting evidence (anything supporting the main thesis/argument).
    • Write a note about it in the margins.
  • Write any questions you have in the margins. 
    • Look up the answer/talk to your teacher, and write the answer/explanation in the margins
  • Box any unfamiliar words. 
    • Look them up, and write their meanings in the margins.

**REMEMBER "Annotate the about!"  What is this article about?  What is this paragraph about?


Adapted from Eastern Washington University's Writing Center and with the help of Ms. Sarah Rosas