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Toggling Between Saved Article and Scrible Library

Click the Greek building, if you need to get back to your Scrible Library while annotating your doc.


Citing Sources in Scrible

Edit/check every citation!

  • Scible auto-pulls information that may be inaccurate.  It is your job to determine the source type and to properly fill in all the fields in the citation form.
  • You can edit from the annotated doc (See screenshot below) or from your library in Scrible.
  • Double check the fields automatically filled in as well as those boxed in red.  Sometimes the auto-filled fields are incorrect.

Adding Student Collaborators

1.  Click the settings gear next to your library.  (When you hover, you'll see it.)

2.  Click "Collaborators."

3.  Click "Add Collaborators."

4.  Click "Add individual collaborators."


5.  Type student collaborator email addresses.

6.  Decide what those collaborators are allowed to do.

7.  Click "Add."



Annotation Tip

First highlight a section, then add a comment directly from that highlight. 

  • If you only add a comment without first highlighting, you cannot see that comment at a quick glance on the original document without hovering or clicking the comments toolbar.




Using the Legend

The legend is helpful for determining what each marking and highlight color stands for.


  • It can help to be consistent with highlight colors and comment colors
    • Yellow highlight = main points
    • yellow comments = summaries of main point
    • Green highlight = unfamiliar vocab
    • green comments = definitions of unfamiliar vocab

Miscellaneous Tips

Be Aware:  Highlighting AND leaving a comment will duplicate that highlighted text in your list of annotations.  You will see the highlight listed and then the comment along with anchored, highlighted text listed separately.  Not a big deal...Just something to be aware of.