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Hennings - Blackworm Lab

How to Use This Library Guide

Click "Blackworms" for background information for ALL groups.

Find your recommended sources according to your independent variable (IV) by hovering or clicking "Blackworms."

Use the research guides to the left for help with all aspects of the research process.

Research Process Refresh

  1. Create your Scrible Library (So you have a place to save and organize your information)
  2. Read the Wikipedia page (pre-research) on your independent variable, and write down keywords.  Save any quality sources you find from Wikipedia being sure to put them through the CRAAP test.
  3. Take a look at the librarian-recommended articles on the blackworm and independant variable pages, and save any you find helpful.
  4. If needed, search the research databases and Google further, evaluate your sources, save everything to your Scrible library.
  5. Read and annotate your information.  Add more articles if you realize you don't have enough.
  6. Begin writing, remembering to paraphrase properly and cite sources in text.  This means you must already have your references page completed and numbered properly.

Research Lessons for this Lab

  • Search:
    • Tip: Quotes around phrases!
  • Read:
    • Identify and navigate primary sources
  • Cite:
    • In-text citations

Goal by the end of the period:

  • Save 3 sources to your Scrible Library & print your References page