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Today's Slaves Often Work For Enterprises That Destroy The Environment


The Dangers of a Single Story: Modern Day Slavery


During our current unit, we discussed how sugar wasn’t so sweet and how the demand for sugar in Europe propelled the Atlantic slave trade.  As with sugar in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, products today use child and slave labor to maximize profits.  While we, as consumers in America, don’t directly participate in the growth and use of modern slavery, we do indirectly benefit and propel the growth of forced labor.  In this project, your group will select one resource that is used in products we wear or consume in the United States.  Your group will focus on this resource and how we, the American consumers, can lessen our footprint on modern slavery.

Part 1: Getting Started:

  1. You will be placed into groups of 4 and assigned one product to research.
  1. We will be using a LibGuide to help us with research.  After becoming familiar with the LibGuide, each of you will conduct research online.  It is important to use the LibGuide resources whenever possible.  Searching for and using other sources (for instance doing a Google Search) can be a very bad idea.
  1. When you make your presentation, you will focus on the following:
  • Geography
  • Where is the resource found? 
  • Where is the resource sent?
  • Products
  • What products are made from this resource?
  • What companies use this resource?
  • Winners and Losers
  • Who benefits from this resource and the finished product(s)?
  • Who is being exploited in the process?
  • Why
  • Why is this form of exploitation continuing?
  • Why are certain people forced into finding, mining, producing or gathering this resource or product?
  • Dangers of a single story
  • How do Americans indirectly contribute to the exploitation of children, laborers and slaves in the purchase of products related to this resource?
  • Resistance
  • How will your group lessen your footprint on modern slavery in relation to your resource and/or finished product?
  • You need to provide specific products that are made using your resource, companies that benefit from the use of forced labor and the products that our class and your family/friends may avoid to lessen their footprint on slavery.
  1. Your group should conduct research jointly and must use a minimum of three distinct sources.  Additionally, you need to produce a Works Cited Slide in MLA style for your presentation (see below).  You should use EasyBib to create such a Works Cited Slide.
  1. Although you will be conducting research as a group and your group will share resources, each of you will be making your own presentation.  It is imperative that each of you become an expert on your product and the bullet points above.  Each of you will individually use Google Slides to organize your ideas and to facilitate your presentation.
  1. Each topic listed above (from geography through resistance) should be covered on 1-2 slides.  Including a Title Slide and a Works Cited Slide, your presentation should include 10 – 14 slides.
  1. You should strive to include a variety of media in your presentation, including text, maps and images.  You may include short video clips provided they are pre-approved by me.  In any case, video clips should remain short - never more than 30 - 60 seconds.