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Google Scholar Tips

Why Use It?

  • Use Google Scholar to search for open access academic journal articles.

Keep in Mind:

What is Unique to Scholar?  You can...

  • Click "Cited by" to see articles that cite the article you are looking at.
  • Click "Related articles" to find similar articles.
  • Click "All versions" to check if there is full-text access to a different version.

How Do You Know If You Have Access To Full Text?

  • PDF link is noted at right of search results.


More Google Scholar Search Tips

Even More Search Tips

Google Scholar Practice

Google Scholar Search

Try the following searches in Google Scholar to see how these strategies change your search results.

Exact match

  • water management
  • "water management"

Search for all keywords in the title

  • catalase ph
  • allintitle: catalase ph

Combination search

  • "carbon dioxide"
  • "carbon dioxide" OR CO2

Exclusion search

  • mercury
  • mercury -planet


**Use the advanced search by clicking the 3 lines in the top left!