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If you find an article on Google Scholar, but cannot find the full-text for free.  Contact me, and I may be able to get the article through interlibrary loan.  Do not pay for an article!  Contact info below/right.

Databases/Database Articles

Off-Campus Database Passwords 

This is a general science database.  In addition to water sustainability, use search terms such as water management, water conservation, water storage, water supply, groundwater pollution, fertilizer runoff, algal bloom ...

Sustainability Topic Page

Water Pollution Topic Page

Water Supply and Management

Water Conservation


Lake Eutrophication

Algae Topic Page

Environmental Toxicology

Indicator Species

JSTOR has a large collection of scholarly journal articles.   (FYI, most recent articles in JSTOR are 5 years old.)

Example Article: Factors Controlling Micropollutant Removal During Riverbank Filtration

*I found this article by clicking Browse --> By Subject --> Science & Mathematics --> Aquatic Sciences--> Journal (American Water Works Association)--> December 2012 Issue

NY Times first-time user Account Creation (must use oprf email)

OPPL Database (requires library card)

Academic Search Premier

This database has an incredibly large collection of scholarly journal articles, and is constantly updated with the most recent publications.