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Hennings - Acid Rain Project: Citing Sources

Biology Fall 2017

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Sharing With Your Group

  1. One person from the group create the project
  2. Click "Share" --> "Invite Others"
  3. Enter other group member emails
  4. Select "Edit"
  5. Click "Share"
  6. Now other members can log in to EasyBib and click "Shared With Me" under "Projects"
  7. Other members should now be able to see and go into the shared bibliography

How to log on to EasyBib EDU

General Citation Help



Capitalization Rules!


Chapters or sections of books, titles of articles, and titles of books follow different capitalization rules than you are used to.

Only capitalize:

  • The first word in the title
  • The first word after a colon (:)
  • Proper nouns