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Cartier - Spanish Culture Project: Assignment

Ms. Cartier's Assignment

Students will be responsible for teaching ½ a class about a specific cultural point or current event that takes place in a Spanish speaking country. Worth 100 points and 20% of your final grade.

Parts of the Assignment:

  1. A two-page paper in English (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font) discussing your topic or event, include bibliography, turned in to Turnitin.
  2. 4 articles (at least two in Spanish) about your event/topic. Articles must come from known/reliable sources. They must be printed out and turned in at the time of your presentation.
  3. A presentation in English AND Spanish to the class on your particular country- the presentation should take about half of the class period and should include, visual/presentation aids such as a slide show, maps, pictures, videos, exhibits or artifacts, 10 or more vocabulary words in Spanish that are relevant to your topic, the historical significance/background information pertinent to your topic, and your thoughts and feelings about why this is a compelling topic.
  4. Notes guide to help the other students understand your event/topic.  
  5. A quiz type activity to review the information presented (8-10 questions).
  6. A one-page reflection in Spanish discussing your personal thoughts and feelings about what you learned. Also turned in to Turnitin.

Research paper (20) - Do you answer: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and WHY?  Do you give interesting specific details on your topic? Is your content and historical information accurate?

Questions to consider

  • Why is this happening?
  • Who is involved? Who is affected?
  • How does the event fit into the larger picture of the country/world?
  • What cultural beliefs/norms contribute to the event?

Reflection paper (20) – Did you make a personal connection to your topic? Did you use vocabulary and grammar concepts we learned this year? Did you proof read your paper? Did you not use translate?

Questions to consider

  • How does this event relate to you?
  • Why did this event interest you?
  • What did you learn?
  • What were your thoughts and feelings as you learned about your event or topic?
  • What assumptions did I have about the country or topic before I started and how did my ideas change?

Ideas – These are only ideas and you are more than welcome to propose your own topic, however all topics must be cleared through me BEFORE you begin your research.

  • Bull fighting in Spain
  • Indigenous cultures in Latin America (pick one)
  • The current political situation in Venezuela
  • Immigration
  • Music/Dance from the Caribbean
  • FARC in Colombia…What’s next?
  • Eco-tourism in Costa Rica

Presentation (30) –

A. Is it clearly articulated and practiced:  Do you deliver your presentation in an articulate and practiced manner?  Do you speak clearly and make eye contact with the audience?  Do you present rather than read your information? (10)

B. Organization and preparation – Is your presentation well organized and useful as we follow it and take notes?  Was your outline turned in on time?  Did you spend the necessary time preparing and organizing your presentation? Are you able to answer questions about your topic? (10)

C. Creativity – Do you present the people, ideas and events in an engaging and creative manner? Are you enthusiastic about your topic? (10)

Preparation (30) –

  1. Did you use your time in class? (10)
  2. Do you have four relevant articles from reliable sources? (10)
  3. Did you have an effective notetaking guide? Did you give it to me with enough time for me to make copies? (5)
  4. Did you test what you presented? (Other students should not be able to pass the quiz without hearing your presentation?) (5)