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Book Selecton

WELCOME TO SUMMER READING 2017. We listened to your feedback, and we are now offering more CHOICE. You choose your one summer reading book from the many titles on this page. Please study your book options carefully. Click on each book cover. You will discover video book trailers, book summaries, book reviews, book previews that you can read and information on each author.


Book Selection Form



You will need to select your book by Thursday, April 13th. Summer reading is required.

All choices are FINAL. Extra copies will be available for purchase, but choice copies will not be exchangeable for another copy.

Book Distribution

The book of your choice will be distributed to you in your English class.  You have the option to read on an ereader, but you are responsible for purchasing the ebook on your own.

Who Can Select From These Books?

This book list for the summer read 2017 is only for students who will be sophomores through seniors during the 2017-18 school year.

Incoming 9th graders have their own summer reading program.

Questions or Concerns?

Contact Helen Gallagher

English Division Head 

When I Return to School in the Fall...

When students return to school in the Fall, all English teachers will be assigning work pertaining to the summer reading book during the first week of school. Therefore, the expectation is that all students read their books and show up the first day of school prepared to work with their summer reading book. 

By the way, there are no required annotations or reading packets with these books.




How do I Decide What Book to Choose?

One of our main goals of summer reading is for you to enjoy reading. Therefore choose a book that interests you. There are a range of titles about all sorts of subjects. Take your time learning about each book. Your interest level will be an important step in choosing. Among the books to choose from are:

  • Young adult books 
  • Adult books that teens enjoy
  • Biographies and autobiographies
  • Books based on real-life situations
  • Books nominated for the Abe Lincoln Awards
  • Romance books
  • Sports books
  • Science fiction books
  • Adventure books
  • Coming of age books
  • Books about identity and fitting in
  • Literary classics
  • and more.

We included some other categories that could help you choose your book: Young Adult, General Audience, and Advanced. 

 Another factor in choosing a book will be the reading level of the book. We included a Lexile score, if it was available, to help in this area. According to, "A Lexile text measure is based on the semantic and syntactic elements of a text." Please keep in mind that a Lexile score is only one factor to consider when choosing your book along with the content of the book, your interests and background knowledge and how the book is structured.

Young Adult

General Audience

Advanced/More Challenging


Young Adult (YA)  Literature is literature written for and marketed to young adults. It reflects young adults’ age (12-18) and development by addressing their reading abilities, thinking levels, and interest levels. More recently YA literature has emerged as literature with literary merit that welcomes artistic innovation & experimentation


General Audience books are books with a wide range of topics and reading levels. They are marketed to young adults and adults and they are fiction and nonfiction.



Advanced books are for readers who want to be challenged. These specific literary classics may ask readers to navigate complex text structures, more difficult vocabulary, more sophisticated content, figurative language, etc.

When choosing a book do not be swayed by the length of the book. Remember these books were all chosen because numerous people recommended them. If you want to read more reviews, please visit Take your time and enjoy the process


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