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Baielli - Junior Theme Research: Research Strategy

Research Strategy


Your Research Strategy

1.      Define Assignment 

  • What does my teacher want me to do? (Look at the assignment requirements for both content and final product.)
  • Have I asked for explanations if the assignment is not clear to me?
  • Am I able to state the topic of my investigation in a complete sentence?
  • Do I need a research question?
  • Am I able to develop an initial thesis statement?

2.      Search and Record Sources

  • Have I used the resources listed on the LibGuide?
  • Have I collected keywords and built up background knoweldge using the general databases and Wikipedia?
  • Have I developed my keyword search strategy before using the scholarly databases?
  • Have I skimmed and searched through the sources to find what I need?
  • Have I emailed to myself, saved, printed out, or checked out the relevant information I need?
  • Have I used EasyBib to record my sources?

3.    Organize and Analyze

  • Have I organized all of this information so that it makes sense not only to me but also to others unfamiliar with the topic? (an outline or other plan of organization)
  • Is my note-taking meaningful? Have I read all of the material carefully?
  • Do I need more information? (Look at the requirements for content again.)
  • Have I focused on answering my thesis statement?
  • Have I analyzed the information and come up with my own conclusions?

4.      Create 

  • Have I completed a rough draft, edited it, and produced a final product?
  • Have I properly cited my sources and produced a high quality Works Cited page?
  • Have I met all of the requirements for the final product 

5.     Evaluate

  • What is the quality of my work?
  • What would I do differently next time?
  • Did I find the necessary library resources?