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How to Use This LibGuide

Find your group topic in the blue tabs along the top of the Libguide.  All your recommended resources for research are located in your group tab.  For help with the tech aspects of the project, use the "Technology" tab.  For citation help, use the "Citing Sources" tab.  Ask Ms. Hooper for any help with finding information or citing sources.

Research Day Goals

Day 1:

Find one article

Print and annotate it

Fill out and submit Source Reflection Form

Day 2:

Find two more articles

Print and annotate

Fill out and submit Source Reflection form for each article

Begin working on your background info slides with your group

Day 3:

Properly cite all group articles in APA style using EasyBib

Put references page in your shared folder.  I will comment on it.  Once it is okayed, you can copy and paste it into your slide show.

Source Reflection Form

Source Reflection Form

This is to be filled out for each of your three sources.

Google Slides Template