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Library Services

What can your librarians do for you? 

We Teach Information Literacy Research Skills --

  • creating questions based on information needs
  • identifying potential sources of information
  • developing effective search terms
  • evaluating and revising searches (expanding or narrowing)
  • digital search strategies - including internet and subscription databases
  • searching for images (the copyright-friendly way!)
  • evaluating information sources (for accuracy, bias, relevance, timeliness, etc)
  • avoiding plagiarism
  • citing sources
  • creating bibliographies and annotated bibliographies
  • paraphrasing and note-taking
  • using NoodleTools, an electronic research platform, to conduct the entire process online! (making research easier for students and assessment easier for teachers)

We Support your Curriculum and Reading Needs --

  • collaborating with you to develop research assignments and inquiry-based learning projects
  • creating LibGuides with information resources for your class or assignment  (see an example here
  • providing instruction for using the library’s eBook, audiobook, and digital magazine collections 
  • recommending books, supplementary articles, and other resources useful to your curriculum
  • locating or recommending books and articles for your professional reading
  • giving Book Talks to classes, helping students find books 
  • providing general reading advice

Meet with Amber or Louise to collaborate individually or with your teaching team, or schedule time to bring your students to the Library for instruction.

ISAIL - Illinois Standards-Aligned Instruction for Libraries

Standard 1: Access information efficiently and effectively to inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge


Standard 2: Evaluate information critically and competently


Standard 3: Use information accurately, creatively, and ethically to share knowledge and to participate collaboratively and productively as a member of a democratic society


Standard 4: Appreciate literature and other creative expressions of thoughts and ideas and pursue knowledge related to personal interests and aesthetic growth


Standard 5: Understand and practice Internet safety when using any electronic media for educational, social, or recreational purposes


Want to know more about how Library instruction standards align with yours?

A-Z Database List