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Database Search Strategies


No full Sentences Databases don't return results based on full questions the way Google can.  Stick to keywords and short phrases.
Use Advanced Search It will be located in different places depending on the database, but it will help refine and improve your search.

Combine keywords with AND, OR, NOT

Phrase Searching

Use quotations around groups of words

  • Ex: “Space Tourism”

Grouping Combined Keywords

Database Search Practice




Search for each of the following paying close attention to how your search results change.

  • lead

  • lead and drinking water

  • lead and "drinking water"

  • lead and "drinking water" not flint

  • lead and "drinking water" not (flint or detroit)

  • lead and "drinking water" not flint or detroit




Click Advanced Search

  • search catalase AND temperature
  • search for these words in the title
  • search for these words in author supplied keyword
  • limit to full-text