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An important reason for bringing young children and books together is to instill in the children a love of books and reading early in life. We all play vital roles in helping children develop this love for books and reading.

Even though development of skills in language, listening, and looking, and the reinforcement of concepts are important immediate objectives of book activities for young children, they should never be emphasized to such an extent that the child's enjoyment of books is jeopardized. A caring adult who shares books with a young child provides that child with a feeling of security and a time for enjoyment. These experiences may not only make it easier for the child to learn to read when she is older, but may also help develop a lifetime reading habit.

The following pages present a compilation of some suggestions for children from birth to age fve. Arranging these suggestions according to the age of the child, while convenient, is arbitrary. Human development is continuous and only partially correlated with chronological age. Thus, the suggestions offered here will fit any particular child only approximately.