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O'Keefe - AP Psych Research Paper: Sample Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Barrington, K. (2008). Voluntary, randomized, student drug-testing: impact in a rural,

          low-income, community. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education , 52 (1), 47-58.


Barrington studied the effects of voluntary, randomized, student drug-testing programs (VRSDT’s) in rural, low income settings in order to gauge their effectiveness. The researchers conducted interviews with administrator and gathered data from anonymous student surveys of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use administered at two rural, low-income, public secondary school districts in Texas. The control district did not have a VRSDT while the experimental district had recently implemented a VRSDT requiring all students participating in extracurricular activities to be tested randomly at the beginning of each school year.  The survey results revealed that the VRSDT program did not have a statistically significant impact on student drug use.  The qualitative interviews, however, led to the conclusion that a VRSDT program could aid a comprehensive drug prevention program by identifying and helping student drug users who may not otherwise have been identified and empowering students to report the presence of drugs in school.


This study could be helpful in arguing that voluntary random drug testing in schools is not an effective way of reducing drug use by adolescents. I could also argue that interviews with school officials who had implemented randomized drug testing would not be a good source of data because the administrators would want to justify the program they had implemented. One drawback of using this study, however, is that it focuses on rural school districts and may not be generalizable to other districts. (SEE PAGE 2)


*NOTE: Your first annotation, which needs to detail the source’s argument and some evidence, may be a bit shorter than the above annotation. Your second annotation, explaining how the source helps you answer the question you posed, should be about the same length as the second annotation above.

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I have copied the requirements for the assignment from your Research Paper Assignment Sheet below:

Annotated BibliographyDUE: Monday, January 23rd on

  • Create a bibliography using correct APA format. Add annotations at the end of your entry.
  • You should provide two annotations for your sources.  Your annotations need not be in complete sentences but should provide some detail about your sources.
    • The first annotation should detail the source’s argument and some evidence. 
    • The second annotation should explain how the source helps you answer the question you posed.
  • Worth 35 points