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O'Keefe - AP Psych Research Paper: Sources

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Take a look at the Taking Sides books as well to find current arguments in Psychology.

Learning Targets

1.  I can access, evaluate, and use websites, library databases, and books to find high quality, relevant information for my paper. 

2.  I can cite my sources in APA style.


For Help Choosing Topics:

Use these sites, taking sides books, wikipedia, and reference sources to gain background knowledge and create a list of keywords when starting your research so that you can more easily search for and find information in the scholarly journal databases (JSTOR and PsycArticles), Google Scholar, and in books.

Google Scholar


  • Notice how many others have cited the article by looking at "Cited By" underneath the search result.
  • Look at "Related Articles" if the article seems useful to you.
  • If the PDF is listed to the right, you have full-text access to the article.
  • Do not pay for an article.  If you find one you want, but cannot find it in JSTOR or PsychArticles see Ms. Hooper for how to get that article through another database or interlibrary loan.

Scholarly Databases

Click here for the PASSWORDS to use these databases outside of school (requires login to view)


  • Vary your key words.
  • Keep a list of new keywords as you find them.
  • Utilize the advanced search feature.
  • Be sure to select "full-text."

General Database

  • This is great for browsing topics!  Click "Browse Issues" in the top left.
  • Use this for background information and understanding the current arguments surrounding your topic.