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Suggested Topics: South Asia


Below is a list of sample topics for your presentation.  The list is not comprehensive, and you should feel free to propose your own topic for research.  

South Asia

  • Bengali literary traditions

  • Bollywood

  • Communal relations

  • Communism in Kerala and/or Bengal

  • Conflict in Kashmir

  • Dalits/Untouchability

  • Energy Consumption

  • Gender and Sexuality: women; eunuchs; homosexuality

  • Globalization and Environmental Issues: Dams/Mining/Air Quality

  • Hindu mythology

  • Hindu Nationalism

  • Indian art (various forms and movements)

  • Indian education

  • Indian Farmers Suicide

  • Indian Independence Movement

  • Gandhi

  • Legacy of British colonialism

  • Literacy in Kerala

  • Mandel Commission and the Reservation system

  • Mandir architecture

  • Nuclear threats, India and Pakistan

  • Population (comparison with China?)

  • Family planning/sterilization in India

  • Sino-Indian relations

  • Sri Lankan Civil War

  • Tamil anti-Brahmanism/nationalism

  • US War on Terror and South Asia

  • US-India Relations

  • US-Pakistan Relations

  • Village life

  • Honor killings

  • Women’s rights

Suggested Topics: East Asia

East Asia

  • Anime

  • China and Environmental destruction: Dams/Mining/air quality

  • China and Taiwan Cross-Straits relations

  • China’s energy crisis

  • Chinese Communism

  • Chinese Internal Migration (Hukou System)

  • Cuisine

  • Economic transformation in China

  • Education in China or Japan

  • Footbinding

  • Geisha

  • Gender and Sexuality: women; eunuchs; homosexuality

  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  • Japan and WWII

  • Japanese pop culture

  • Japanese street fashion

  • Japanese tattoo

  • Japanese War Orphans in China

  • Korean “comfort women”

  • Korean pop culture (comparison with Japan?)

  • Manga

  • Minorities in China (e.g. Bai people, Tibetans)

  • Modern Chinese fiction

  • Modern Chinese film

  • Nanjing Massacre remembered

  • North Korea: Famine

  • North Korea: Nuclear Issues

  • Okinawa and Japan

  • Okinawa and the US

  • One Child Policy (Causes? Consequences?)

  • Population Growth

  • One China Policy

  • Recent Sino-Japanese tensions

  • The Cultural Revolution

  • Tiananmen Square student movement

  • Tibet and China

  • Transnational adoption – China

  • Umbrella Revolution (Movement for democracy in Hong Kong)

  • Women in China or Japan (broad—should focus on particular issue)

  • Xinjiang Separatist Movement


Subject Guide