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Schwartz - Chicago Immigration Project: Study Guide

Study Guide


Immigrant/Ethnic Neighborhood Project Research Guide


Questions 1-5.  You have already printed census data and statistics about your ethnic group in Chicago.  Now compare the census data about your ethnic group with the information provided on the Chicago Population Data Sheet.


Use both sets of information to respond to the questions below…

  1. Which immigrant/ethnic group are you researching?

  1. How many immigrants from your group are now living in Chicago? (according to the most recent


What is the total population of Chicago?

  1. What is the median household income of your group in Chicago?


What is the median household income for Chicago as a whole?

  1. What percentage of your group is living below the poverty line/level?


What is the percentage of people living below the poverty line for the city as a whole?

  1. What percentage of your group has at least a high school diploma?  


What percentage has a bachelor’s degree or higher?


What is the percentage of Chicago’s total population that has at least a high school diploma?   


What is the percentage of Chicago’s total population that has at least a bachelor’s degree?



Based on the data you’ve cited above, does it seem like your immigrant/ethnic group is doing well or poorly compared to Chicago as a whole?

Explain using the statistics above and other statistics from these charts. (Use back)

Questions 6-9:  Using the Encyclopedia of Chicago website ( Search for your immigrant group by name and carefully read the article to answer the questions below.

  1. What are some reasons why that these immigrants came to the U.S. and, in particular, Chicago?

  1. What areas/neighborhoods of Chicago have a high concentration of your immigrant group?

  1. Who are some famous people associated with your group that lived in Chicago?  What have they contributed to Chicago and American society?  (They don’t have to be nationally famous people, just people who have been influential in Chicago or the neighborhood you are researching)

  1. What are some problems that your immigrant group faced in this country and in the city in the past?  How have they responded to those problems?


Questions 10-16

Directions: Now provide some information about a specific neighborhood that your ethnic group has impacted.  


When you are asked to cite information, cite that information parenthetically (      ) according to the Citations and Bibliography guidelines.

  1. What neighborhood are you researching?

  1. What are the boundaries of that neighborhood?  Name the streets that form the border of the neighborhood.  Also, print up a map of the neighborhood.


    Cite where you obtained the map parenthetically  (     )


12) Create a 10-15 event timeline that combines information about your ethnic group

      in Chicago and historical information about the neighborhood that you are       

  Date:            Event:


                (Cite where you have obtained this information)


13)  Provide information about one non-profit organization that is really

      helping/seving your neighborhood:

  1. What is its mission statement:

  1. Describe some of the specific programs that the agency/organization offers:


13) Provide descriptions of some of the other institutions (museums, schools,

      colleges, cultural centers, not-for-profit organizations, etc.) has your group

      developed in the city to serve their neighborhood?


                                (Cite the information)


                                (Cite the information)


                                (Cite the information)


14) What are some famous restaurants, bars, stores, bakeries, and other famous

      places that are in this neighborhood and are associated with your ethnic group?


15) What are examples of art, literature, music, or other forms of creative expression

      has your group produced in Chicago, and in this neighborhood in particular?


16) What are some parades, festivals, or holidays that are celebrated in that

      neighborhood that is associated with your ethnic group?  


When do these events take place?  


Are there any unique traditions associated with these events?


                                    (cite your information)

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