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Schwartz - Chicago Immigration Project: Assignment

Google Slides Template



Immigration Field Study Project


This project is about exploring an ethnic neighborhood in Chicago.  Ultimately, through a look at a variety of these communities we will gain a picture of Chicago’s diversity


The project will have two components:

  1. Research – Become experts about the history and modern experiences of a particular ethnic/immigrant group in Chicago and a neighborhood where those immigrants settled

  1. Presentation – create a Google Slides presentation about your immigrant group and your selected neighborhood


The Research

We will spend time in the library and the computer lab to research your group and neighborhood.  You will then conduct your own self-guided field trip to the neighborhood to learn more and experience the life of that community.


First, your research will be focused on a specific ethnic group in Chicago and should include the following information…

  • What is that group’s national population and population in Chicago

  • Why did that group come to Chicago?

  • What have been that group’s major accomplishments in Chicago


Now you will focus on a particular Chicago neighborhood where your ethnic group has made a major impact.

  • Statistical information:  the boundaries of the neighborhood (by street), population, the neighborhood’s main street.  Include a map with your own annotations

  • Some historical information about the neighborhood (should be in the form of a timeline)

    • When did the group original settle there

    • What key events have shaped the neighborhood’s history

  • Biographies of famous or prominent people associated with the neighborhood (MUST be in your own words)

  • An example of a non profit organization/social service agency that serves the community

    • Include mission statement

    • Descriptions of programs that it offers

  • Other examples of institutions developed by the group to serve their neighborhood and have become a source of pride for the neighborhood.  Institutions could be…

  • Churches

  • Museums

  • Community centers (for charity, education, child care)

  • Famous places and sites in their neighborhood

  • Stores

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Parks and monuments

  • Information about traditions, foods, celebrations/festivals, folk tales, ghost stories, music, and art that make the neighborhood unique


The Presentation (to be submitted as a Google Slides show)

The final product will be a website that contains pages for each part of your project (Statistical information, historical information, biographies, institutions, famous places, traditions, problems and solutions)


Your website should contain a complete bibliography and citations throughout your work that clearly show the sources of all your information


The Groups/Neighborhoods

Irish (Bridgeport)

Italian (LIttle Italy/Taylor Street or Heart of Italy)

Indian or Pakistani (Devon Avenue)

Jewish (Devon Avenue/East Rogers Park)

Mexican (Pilsen or Little Village)

German (Lincoln Square)

Polish (West Town/Polish Triangle or Avondale)

Greek (Greektown)

Chinese (Chinatown)

Swedish (Andersonville)

African American (Bronzeville, Austin, Beverly or Englewood)

Vietnamese (Argyle Street/Uptown)

Puerto Rican (Humboldt Park)