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Possible Topics


Turn of the Century

·         Indian Schools

·         Dawes Act

·         African Americans and the West

·         Marcus Garvey

·         Plessy v. Ferguson and the Rise of Jim Crow

·         Disfranchisement of African-Americans

·         Origins of the Urban Ghetto

·         Booker T. Washington: A Critical Analysis

·         The Political Thought of W.E.B. Dubois

·         Ida B. Wells and the Anti-lynching Campaign

·         Impact/ or Origins of Populism

·         Urban Life at the Turn-of-the-Century

·         Political Machines

·         Election of 1896

·         Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, 1911

·         Anthracite Coal Strike, 1902

·         Immigration and labor

·         Haymarket Riot

·         Homestead Strike

·         Debs and Pullman Strike

·         Debs and American Socialism

·         Muckrakers

·         IWW

·         NAACP

·         Social Darwinism

·         Brandeis Supreme Court

·         Child Labor

·         Women’s Christian Temperance Movement

·         Settlement House Movement

·         Progressives (select a progressive reform and examine how/why it came to pass)

·         Annexation of Philippines

·         Spanish American War

·         Annexation of Hawaii

·         U.S. and Cuba, 1898-1933

·         Theodore Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy

·         Theodore Roosevelt as “Trust Buster”


·         Progressivism and WWI (did war kill progressivism?)

·         U.S. role in WWI

·         WWI Propaganda

·         Civil Liberties during WWI

·         Wilson and the Treaty of Versailles

·         Mueller v. Oregon: triumph for women?

·         Conservation and the environmental movement

·         Wilson, the NAACP, and the Birth of a Nation controversy

·         Wilsonian approach to foreign affairs

·         WWI and Great Migration


Between the Wars

·         Race Riots of 1919

·         Marcus Garvey

·         1st Red Scare (not to be confused with McCarthyism)

·         Sacco and Vanzetti Trial

·         The Triumph of the 19th  Amendment

·         Margaret Sanger and the Politics of Birth Control

·         Phillip Randolph and the black unions

·         KKK in the 1920

·         American Women in the 1920s

·         The “New Negro” of the 1920s

·         Harlem Renaissance

·         Immigration (restriction) Acts  of 1921, 1924

·         Scopes “Monkey Trial”: Clash of Cultures?

·         Development of Advertising/Commercialization

·         Communications Revolution

·         Religious Fundamentalism

·         Henry Ford

·         The Lost Generation

·         Herbert Hoover: Conservative or Progressive?

·         Prohibition

·         American Foreign Policy in the early 20th century—focus on a specific area or time

o   China

o   Japan

o   Europe

·         American isolationists, 1931-1941

·         Causes of the Depression –    

o   Historiography

·         Origins of the New Deal

·         History of any New Deal agency

·         Origins of the Social Security Act

·         WPA and the Arts

·         WPA and Slave Narratives

·         Anti-New Deal Conservatism

·         The New Deal and African Americans

·         Creating American Farm Policy, 1914-1938

·         The Dust Bowl

·         American Minorities in the 1930s

·         Women and the New Deal

·         Native Americans and the New Deal

·         American Socialist Party      

·         The American Communist Party, 1925-1941

·         Huey Long

·         Origins of the CIO

·         FDR’s shaping of the  American presidency

·         Father Coughlin

·         U.S. Response to German neutrality

·         U.S. and the Jewish Question

·         The Scottsboro Case


WWII and After

·         Pearl Harbor

·         Japanese Internment Camps

·         Truman and the Atomic Bomb

·         General Dwight D. Eisenhower

·         General George S. Patton

·         Roosevelt and public opinion during WWII

·         Women’s Roles during WWII

·         Cold War

·         Red Scare

·         African American Politics and the Red Scare

·         McCarthyism

·         Red Scare and Impact on Education

·         Brown v. Board of Education

·         J. Edgar Hoover

·         Historically Black Colleges

·         Korean War

·         General Douglas MacArthur

·         McCarran Act of 1950

·         Interstate Highway Act

·         Rise of Suburbia

·         Civil Rights Movement

·         Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

·         Space Race

·         Women’s Movement

·         Rise of African American Islamic Movement

·         Cuban Missile Crisis

·         Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs

·         War on Poverty

·         War on Drugs

·         Turbulent 1960s

·         Vietnam War

·         Antiwar Movement

·         American Indian Movement

·         Johnson and the Invasion of Cambodia

·         CIA and Cold War

·         Alger Hiss

·         Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

·         The Warren Court

·         Reagan and the Cold War

·         Latinos in America

·         Asians in America

·         Woodstock and Counterculture

·         Fundamentalist Christianity

·         Truly Urban Poor

·         Nixon and Foreign Policy

·         Second Amendment and the Right of Individuals to Defend Themselves

·         Watergate

·         Gay Rights

·         Rights of the Disabled

·         Title IX

·         Rap Music and Political Empowerment

·         Rap Music and Black Women

·         Reparations for former U.S. Slaves

·         Bush and “New World Order”

·         Guantanamo Prisoners

·         Veterans Administration and PTSD

·         Intelligence Gathering after 9/11

·         Security and Racial Profiling

·         Tea Party Movement

·         US Foreign Aid


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