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Databases vs. Websites

Databases : Authoritative Content from Respected Sources

  • Paid for by the library. (Think of them as premium cable channels.)
  • Cannot be easily searched in Google.
  • Includes sources written by professors, scholars, journalists, etc.
  • Authority of information is verified by editors and publishers.

Websites : Onus Is on You to Verify the Content  

  • Access is free. No one is paying for the content.
  • Anyone can publish a website. The information included is often not verified by anyone.
  • Must examine with a critical eye. You need to spend time determining if content is correct.

What about this website? Or this one? This one really works!

Primary Source: Historical Newspaper

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complete archive from 1851 to the present -- more than 13 million articles (From 1923 to 1980, 100 archived articles every four weeks; Pre-1923 and post-1980, unlimited.)

TimesMachine has facsimiles of the newspaper from 1851 to 2002.

Search Terms

Freedmen's Bureau

1866 Civil Rights Bill

Committee on Reconstruction

1864 13th Amendment

Force Acts

1869 15th Amendment

Panic of 1873

Specie Resumption Act of 1875

Civil Rights Act of 1875

Compromise of 1877

Rise of KKK

1878 Hall v. DeCuir

1896 Plessy v. Ferguson

1898 Williams v. Mississippi