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Learning Targets

I can locate information on my topic using library databases.

I can locate information on my topic in websites.

I can use this information to craft compelling arguments and rebuttals in my debate.

I can cite sources properly in MLA format.

Historical and Current Newspaper

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complete archive from 1851 to the present -- more than 13 million articles (From 1923 to 1980, 100 archived articles every four weeks; Pre-1923 and post-1980, unlimited.)

TimesMachine has facsimiles of the newspaper from 1851 to 2002.

Databases vs. Websites

Databases : Authoritative Content from Respected Sources

  • Paid for by the library. (Think of them as premium cable channels.)
  • Cannot be easily searched in Google.
  • Includes sources written by professors, scholars, journalists, etc.
  • Authority of information is verified by editors and publishers.

Websites : Onus Is on You to Verify the Content  

  • Access is free. No one is paying for the content.
  • Anyone can publish a website. The information included is often not verified by anyone.
  • Must examine with a critical eye. You need to spend time determining if content is correct.

What about this one? It really works!

The Best Database


Keywords for searching in these database:

  • Airport Security

  • Torture; waterboarding

  • Anwar al-Awlaki

  • Drone strikes; drones

  • National Security Agency

  • Syrian Refugees in America