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Costopoulos - Cancer: Assignment


Cancer Presentation Project

100 Points Due Wednesday, March 8th, 2017


We will be researching different types of cancer.  This is a major research project with points allocated as follows: Written Notes - 10 points as classwork (individual grade); Slides – 80 points as classwork (group grade); Oral Presentation - 10 points as quiz (individual grade).  You will start by going to the lib guide at: Using the info from the lib guide, create a Google Slide presentation describing your assigned type of cancer (slide titles shown below).


SLIDE 1: Title slide (cancer type, names, class, period, date, relevant image)


SLIDE 2: Description of cancer    


SLIDE 3: Statistics


SLIDE 4: Diagnosis/Symptoms


SLIDE 5: Treatment  


SLIDE 6: Side-effects of treatment


SLIDE 7: Any other interesting information ex. Historical treatment, famous people who had it


SLIDE 8: Bibliography: use APA format for all information AND images used!



  • SUMMARIZE IN YOUR OWN WORDS; DO NOT JUST COPY AND PASTE INFO:  Include only information that you understand in your words.
  • USE BULLET POINTS: Do not use long sentences or paragraphs.
  • FONT: Please use a readable font such as Calibri.
  • SPEAK LOUD AND CLEAR DURING YOUR PRESENTATION: This counts as a quiz grade and we all need to hear you and your partners.
  • PRONOUNCE WORDS CORRECTLY: Do not wait to ask me how to pronounce something.
  • DIVIDE TASKS EVENLY: You should divide the slides evenly with so that no one person creates or presents a majority of the slides.
  • ACCURACY IS IMPORTANT: Double-check your facts; points off for errors!