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Costopoulos - Animal Species Project: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom (choose one major animal group)

The Animal Kingdom

Invertebrate Animal Phyla

(A) Phylum Porifera (sponges)

(B) Phylum Cnidaria (coral and jellyfish)

(C) Phylum Platyhelmintes (flatworms)

(D) Phylum Nematoda (roundworms)

(E) Phylum Annelida (segmented worms)

(F) Phylum Mollusca (snails, clams, octopus)

(G) Phylum Echinodermata (starfish, sand dollars, sea cucumbers)

(H) Phylum Arthropoda

(1) Class Arachnida (spiders, mites, scorpions, and ticks)

(2) Class Crustacea (crabs, lobsters, and barnacles)

(3) Class Insecta (insects)

                 - Order Collembola (springtails)

                 - Order Thysanura (silver fish)

                 - Order Phasmida (stick insects)

                 - Order Dermaptera (earwigs)

                 - Order Orthoptera (grasshoppers)

                 - Order Blattodea (cockroaches)

                 - Order Mantodea (mantids)

                 - Order Phthiraptera (lice)

                 - Order Hemiptera (true bugs)

                 - Order Coleoptera (beetles)

                 - Order Neuroptera (lacewings, antlions, dobsonflies)

                 - Order Hymenoptera (wasps, bees, ants)

                 - Order Trichoptera (caddisflies)

                 - Order Lepidoptera (butterflies, moths)

                 - Order Siphonaptera (fleas)

                 - Order Diptera (true flies)

(4) Class Chilopoda (centipedes)

(5) Class Diplopoda (millipedes)

Vertebrate Animal Phylum

(A) Phylum Chordata

(1) Class Aves (birds)

                     There are many orders of birds; the following are unofficial, general categories:

> Perching birds

> Flightless birds

> Birds of prey

> Water birds


(2) Class Fish

- Order Agnatha (Jawless Fish)

- Order Chondrichthyes (Sharks and Stingrays)

- Order Osteichthyes (Bony Skeletal Fish)

       (3) Class Reptilia

                                   - Order Crocodilia (Crocodiles and Alligators)

- Order Squamata (Lizards and Snakes)

                                   - Order Rhynchocephalia (Tuatara)

- Order Chelonia (Turtles, Tortoises)—

            (4)  Class Mammalia

                                -Subclass Eutheria (Placental mammals)

- Order Artiodactyla (antelope, deer, camels, pigs, cows, sheep, hippos)

- Order Carnivora (cats, wolves, bears, pinnipeds)

- Order Cetacea (whales, dolphins)

- Order Chiroptera (bats)

- Order Insectivora (hedgehogs, moles, shrews)

- Order Lagomorpha (rabbits, hares, pikas)

- Order Macroscelidea (elephant shrews)

- Order Perissodactyla (horses, rhinos, tapirs)

- Order Pholidota (pangolins)

- Order Primates (apes, monkeys, lemurs, people)

- Order Proboscidea (elephants, mammoths, mastodonts, etc.)

- Order Rodentia (rats, mice, squirrels, gerbils, hamsters)

- Order Sirenia (sea cows, manatees)

- Order Tubulidentata (aardvarks)

- Order Edentata [also called Xenarthra] (sloths, armadillos)

- Order Hyracoidea (hyraxes)

- Order Condylarthra (extinct)

                                   -Subclass Metatheria (marsupials)

- Order Didelphimorphia (opossums)

- Order Paucituberculata (shrew-like insectivores)

- Order Dasyuromorphia (numbat, extinct Tasmanian wolf)

- Order Peramelemorphia (bandicoots and bilbies)

- Order Notoryctemorphia (marsupial moles)

- Order Diprotodontia - (kangaroos, wallaby, wombats, koalas)

                     -Subclass Prototheria

- Order Monotremata (duck-billed platypus, spiny anteaters)