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Costopoulos - Animal Species Project: Assignment


Zoology Project (150 Points) - Due Friday November 18th, 2016


Each team of two will prepare and present orally a professional-looking Google Slide presentation describing a major animal group. The slides should be titled but with no additional text added. 6 points earned per slide - 3 points for actual slide and 3 points for the presentation of the slide for a total of 120 points. Each team member must present an equal number of slides. A note sheet for each slide presented must be prepared ahead of time (worth 30 points) and turned in before your presentation (it is for study purposes, so you must have it memorized - you cannot use it during the presentation). Note that factual errors will lead to a deduction in points, so please - check your facts!                                                                                                                                      


Your slide show needs to include the following information:

Title Slide - The name of your category of organisms as well as group members’ names. (1 slide)

Classification of Group - Domain, kingdom, phylum, etc.. (1 slide)

Biodiversity - Images of different species in this category; also state the number of species in this category. (4 slides)

Map of Biogeographic Range - Include one map showing the biogeographic range (where it is found) of a common species. (1 slide)

Biology of the Organism - Basic anatomy of a common species with emphasis on unusual features that allow them to be adapted to their habitat. (2 slides)

Ecological Description of the Organism - A minimum of one slide for each of the following: 1) habitat preferences; 2) ecological niche (include a food chain/web); 3) life history (reproduction); 4) behavior; &      5) relationships with other species. (5 slides)


Impact of Humans - How have humans impacted these organisms?  Are any species endangered? Is anyone doing anything about it? Have one slide for each of the following: 1) habitat disruptions;                    2) endangered species; & 3) solutions to problems (ex. Species Survival Plans, laws to protect, etc.)            (3 slides)

Reference Citations - Include a complete citation of each reference used including all image sources (please use easybib - APA or MLA).  You are required to have at least two text references from our library. Separate your citations onto three slides: 1) Text References; 2) Web & Database Citations; & 3) Image Citations. (3 slides)